Hi! I’m Bojan. Thanks for stopping by.


I have always desired to blog about my interest and love of aviation and have finally committed and decided to kick it off with this post. Being completely honest, I can tell you that I have OCD and have hesitated to express myself in words as I don’t consider myself a great writer just yet and tend to reread sentences but I hope to change that.

I started a Twitter account and have been randomly tweeting on subjects of interest as they cross my radar but there is only so much you can do with 140 characters so here I am.   I am not sure of the exact moment I fell in love with aviation, but one my first and fondest memories is a TWA flight crossing the Atlantic from Athens to JFK in 1995, emigrating as refugees from Bosnia to North Carolina.  I can still taste the egg sandwiches they had set up in the galley and the smell of cigs in the back of the plane.


But maybe it all started when I would make my dad drive me to Charlotte Douglas to utilize their wonderful airport overlook to take pictures with an old school camera as 18R was in use. I would run the film over to the 1-hour photo and rush to  scan them in and upload to them to databases online. I think some actually made it. I’ll have to dig some of those up.


Whatever it was, the passion stuck with me and my love of planes is still there at the age of 28. I am looking forward to sharing my trip reports, industry insight, and some randomness and meeting fellow AvGeek’s and the random folks that get captivated by aviation every once in a while.

Happy Flying!

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